Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh, honestly.

I've made a point of trying to stay emotionally disengaged from the Justin Boren "situation."  Not every situation is right for every player, after all, and if he was the only one to ever transfer after a coaching change, well...well, he isn't.  But I read this, and...I'm not sure how to react.

As I said, I get it.  Not every situation is right for every player.  If Boren was being pushed in directions he didn't want to go, if he was feeling overwhelmed, if he was being asked to do things outside his skill set...all of those are valid reasons to leave.  He presumably wants to make the NFL, as most kids at this level do, and if he (still talking about a non-specific, generic "he") thinks that this system will not only not help him to that goal but could actually keep him from achieving it, he SHOULD go.  And I would wish him the best.  I would root for him to make it, and I would take some measure of pride in that fact that he did.  His dad was a Michigan man, and he'd be a Michigan man, no matter what school they said after his name at the draft.  Just like Trevor Pryce, Jon Ritchie, David Bowens...all those guys.  No hard feelings whatsoever.

But going to Ohio, I just don't get it.  Did he learn nothing from his father?  From his years under Lloyd?  Lloyd, above all things, values and instills loyalty.  This smacks of petulance and a desire to hurt the program as much as possible.  I can read his mind - "I hate this place.  I hate the new guy.  What's the most in-your-face choice I can make?  I got it..."

And for that reason I say, for the first time ever...

Good riddance.  Enjoy your music appreciation classes, enjoy your couch burning, enjoy Satan.
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