Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blogpoll, Week 3

No, I'm not official...

1. USC
2. LSU
3. Oklahoma
4. Cal
5. Florida
6. West Virginia
7. Penn State
8. Texas
9. Wisconsin
10. Ohio State
11. Louisville
12. Nebraska
13. Oregon
14. Boston College
15. UCLA
16. Rutgers
17. Georgia Tech
18. Tennessee
19. Arkansas
20. Texas A&M
21. Clemson
22. Virginia Tech
23. Hawaii
24. South Carolina
25. Washington

Some notes:
• At this point, I consider USC #1 and LSU #1A. I want Les Miles to fall short, though, so LSU won’t completely freak out to keep him.
• Oregon looked real, real good, but it remains to be seen whether they’ll crumble against a mentally tough team. Their run defense is still problematic, but the offense is impressive. Caveats galore re: opposition to this point.
• Washington has been good, but it’s still Ty Willingham. He could still “lead” them to 6-6 as easily as 10-2.
• I remain skeptical on all the Big East teams…I still have the sneaking suspicion that the Louisville / West Virginia / Rutgers trio is all smoke, mirrors, and happy unicorns. They all remind me of BYU of the mid-80s – good at first glance, but really an unknown quantity. Case in point - West Virginia’s struggles vs. Marshall (on the road, yes, and not for the entire game, but still).
• Wisconsin and Ohio State are probably both too high based on my Big Ten bias. Their next struggle against mediocre competition will knock them down significantly. Until then, though, I’ll base this on my own preseason expectations of goodness.

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