Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blogpoll, Week 8

Just for fun.


Top Tier – one of these teams will be in the BCS title game:

1.         Ohio State – still on cruise control.  Shut down a good Michigan State offense and got just enough offense on their own.

2.         USC – I had doubts about Booty, but more about Sanchez.  Beating the crap out of Notre Dame is not that impressive, but they move ahead of…

3.         LSU – The most tenuous of the elite three, not for lack of talent but because their coach has balls where his brains should be, and a giveaway wouldn’t be entirely surprising.


Second Tier – and one of these.

4.         Boston College – idle, have been beating lousy teams regularly.  Next up, Virginia Tech, in perhaps their only big game of the season.  I moved them up a spot, but no higher…

5.         Oklahoma – I said last week that the Colorado loss was looking like a fluke.  I can’t say that after the Iowa State escape.

6.         Oregon – I’m still not entirely convinced that they won’t implode.  USC and Arizona State are coming up, so we’ll know soon.

7.         Florida – This is probably nuts, but…Tim Tebow just doesn’t impress me.  He strikes me as Daunte Culpepper without the decision-making skills.  And Urban, for all his offensive rep – what’s the game plan here?  Tebow left, Tebow center, Tebow right, bubble screen, end around to Percy Harvin, bomb to Percy Harvin.  Am I missing anything?


The rest is just wild-assed guesswork...

8.         Arizona State – I have to say, I’m just not getting it.  I mean, yeah, they’re undefeated, which has to count for something, but they’re yet to beat anyone, other than a 4-4 Colorado team (albeit convincingly).  Until they beat someone, I ain’t signin’ that petition.

9.         Virginia Tech

10.        West Virginia

11.        Kentucky

12.        South Florida

13.        Missouri

14.        Kansas – yeah, undefeated, but until they beat someone…have I said that before?

15.        Michigan – homer.

16.        California

17.        Texas

18.        Georgia

19.        Alabama

20.        Auburn

21.        South Carolina

22.        Virginia

23.        Rutgers

24.        UConn

25.        Hawaii




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