Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Some impressions of the basketball game vs. Ferris here:




Anything jump out at you?  Yeah, the words “system” and “offense.”  Say all the nice things you want about Amaker – good man, good guy, helped change perception of the program from renegade to clean, etc. – but if you can describe his system in ten words, I’ll give you a ‘maize rage’ t-shirt.  It’s a little ragged, and it probably won’t fit the “talent,” but it’s squeaky clean.  This year might not be the year, but look out - the angel of death is coming, and it’s gonna RAIN threes on you and bug the heck out of you on the wing.


Dang, that was fun to write.


On to football.  I missed almost all of the first three quarters (long story), but mgoblog is dead on – Chad Henne may not be the best quarterback we’ve ever had, but man…he was totally on fumes, playing at about 50% strength, and he just said to the team, “climb on my back guys, or get the hell out of the way.  We’re still going to win this one.”  Name another guy we’ve had like that.  Braylon in the 2004 State game, maybe – but maybe Henne should get a little more credit for that one, too.  Okay, Biakabutuka in the 313-yarder against Ohio State.  Wheatley in the Rose Bowl (scratch that – he sat out the fourth with leg cramps).  Woodson in…uh…the entire 1997 season. 


Anyway.  I knew we were going to miss him on the field (Mallett hasn’t convinced me, yet), but we’re REALLY going to miss his guts.  It’s really a shame he isn’t a captain.  He deserved it.

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