Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blogpoll, Week 12.

The usual “not an official part of the blog poll” rejoinders apply.


  1. Oregon – I’m convinced.  I had discounted the win over Michigan, since I thought my guys quit…oh, around about the middle of the third quarter.  And I still think they did – but as the Ducks keep winning and winning, and not by flukes or emotion, I become more and more converted.  This is just a REALLY good team, about one brain freeze away from being undefeated.  I hate them, starting with the Nike influence and going all the way down through the uniforms and the loudmouthed coach and the billion-dollar locker room, but man, are they good.
  2. Oklahoma – I have to say that I have some reservations about this team, but they just keep killing people.  The reservations come from the Colorado loss – they were up 17 in the third quarter, so it has that flukey look about it, but the final stats say a lot more.  Colorado dominated that game in all facets, and national champions don’t usually get drilled like that, scoreboard and late-game heroics notwithstanding.  Still, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State figure to be wins before the Big 12 title game against Kansas / Missouri, and I like their chances that day.  And by the way – here’s yet another reason the superconferences suck – balanced schedules are dead.  Oklahoma hasn’t played Nebraska or Kansas and instead might have to beat Missouri again to get in the title game.  Stupid.
  3. Kansas – still not convinced of this one, either.  Their schedule is right out of the Bill Snyder playbook, for one thing.  And it’s Kansas.
  4. LSU – Should be above Kansas, but…well, their coach is a loony, prone to giving games away as often as he “wins” them.
  5. West Virginia – I’m never completely convinced by the Big East teams (see South Florida), but they just keep beating people, and Pat White is as able as anyone to win a game on his own.  Get them in the title game, and he could pull it off himself.
  6. Missouri – the Illinois win is looking better and better…really not challenged outside of that game and the Oklahoma loss.  At K-State and at Kansas to finish the season.
  7. Georgia – as EDSBS says, the evil Mark Richt is coaching Georgia this season.  Two bad losses, but they’ve pounded good Florida and Auburn teams lately.  Possibly too high.
  8. Arizona State – The escape vs. a lousy Washington State team bugs me, and needed a late td to pull within 19 against Oregon, and haven’t really beaten anyone, either.
  9. Ohio State – I can’t help it.
  10. USC – ditto.


No more comments…

  1. Virginia Tech
  2. Florida
  3. Boston College
  4. Illinois
  5. Texas
  6. Clemson
  7. Virginia
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Cincinnati
  10. Michigan
  11. Kentucky
  12. Tennessee
  13. Boise State
  14. Connecticut
  15. Penn State

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