Tuesday, November 27, 2007

blogpoll - week 14

Caveats / explanations…I’m approaching this from the attitude of “this team would beat this team, this weekend, at a neutral site.”  That may not agree with brian’s m.o., but I’m not official anyway.  right now, today, West Virginia is the scariest team out there, and I think they’d beat anyone you could name.  Same with Missouri – their resume at this point is very impressive.  As to putting Georgia above Ohio State – OSU is a terrific team, but they just don’t scare me.  Georgia does, on some level.


Wish I could put Michigan at 25th, but no.


1.  West Virginia

2.  Missouri

3.  Georgia

4.  Ohio State

5.  Usc

6.  Oklahoma

7.  Lsu

8.  Kansas

9.  Va Tech

10.  Illinois

11.  Florida

12.  Boston College

13.  Tennessee

14.  Clemson

15.  Hawaii

16.  Arizona State

17.  Wisconsin

18.  Auburn

19.  Virginia

20.  Cincinnati

21.  Texas Tech

22.  Texas

23.  Byu

24.  Arkansas

25.  Oregon

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